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The Robot Mower Tried and Tested in Ballarat

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Let Lawnie (E1800T) Mow for you

  • $1,340 for the Package, (Robot, Accessories,Cover,Advice,Guide) 

  • Installations, Services, Repairs

  • Contact John on 0490194909

  • Free trail in your yard available

Tired Of Mowing?

Lawnie Loves Grass

tired lawn job
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The Benefits

NO Noise
NO Dirt
NO Burns
Minimize garage trips
No moving grass to compost
More Leisure time
Beautiful lawn
 Recharge using house solar
Reduce emissions
Recycle naturally

Once installed, a robot lawn mower will cut your grass automatically, without requiring any intervention from the user unless you wish to change the cutting schedule or settings.

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Why Lawnie?

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3.5 Hrs

Lithium ion 

New Project (11).png

Auto Home 

when finished or Called 

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Installation service

in Ballarat

New Project (13).png

Customer service 

in Ballarat

New Project (14).png

Service, repairs and parts availability

in Ballarat

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Rain cover included

for Ballarat weather

New Project (16).png

Protective Outer Shell

to cushion the robot from falls

New Project (17).png

Phone App 

to Program features

New Project (18).png

Tilt Sensor 

Disables robot

New Project (19).png

Intelligent spiralling

Mowing Action

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New Project (3) (6).png

Cutting Width


New Project (3) (7).png

Cutting Height

2.5 - 5.5 cm

New Project (3) (8).png

Max Allowable Slope

55% Gradient

New Project (3) (1).png

LED Display

Simple Intuitive

New Project (3) (2).png


4 Digit Pin

New Project (3) (3).png

WiFi Connectivity 


New Project (3) (4).png

Multi Area Setting

Up to 6 Areas

New Project (3) (9).png

Max Consistent Slope

45% Gradient

New Project (3) (10).png

Max Edge Slope 

35% Gradient

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New Project (3) (12).png

Low Noise

< 60 dB

New Project (3) (13).png

Water Resistant

IP 54

New Project (3) (14).png

Bump Sensor 

Stops & Turns

Lawnie At Work

Come and see Lawnie in action on the nature strip at 130 Doodts Rd, Nerrina, Ballarat North, Vic 3350.