How Often does Lawnie Mow

Grass grows at different rates during the year and is normally cut between once a week and once every four weeks, depending on the season. Lawnie can cut quite a lot off – it can grow up to 3-5 cms per week. However the trick is to cut little and often, the guidance is to never cut more than a third of the blade of grass off in one go. Using traditional mowers, most people don’t have time to cut "little and often", but Lawnie will mow based on a user specified schedule. My mower goes out once a week. This gives a better cut and a higher quality lawn.

How does it cope with rain, soft ground and winter

Lawnie can mow in the rain as long as the grass is not too long. When the ground gets soft and sticky Lawnie can get stuck on long grass when going uphill. We advise using the rain sensor to send Lawnie back home to the base station when it rains, as there are plenty of days when there is no rain.

Can I Install Lawnie Myself ?

Installation involves laying a perimeter cable around your lawn and then attaching and fixing a base recharging station. You can do this yourself with our simplified "Getting started Guide". If you have a large garden or have multiple areas then it’s worth contacting us to discuss whether you need a professional installation.

Will Lawnie Get stolen

Unfortunately, Lawnie can look inviting to a thief as it is a valuable piece of equipment and the mowers do occasionally get stolen. You can password protect the mower to stop it being used by anyone else.

How Long does Lawnie Last for

In practice 5 years plus is what we generally expect, as long as the mower is serviced annually and not damaged. The most certain future expense is you will need to replace the batteries. Lawnie batteries last for around 3 years as a rough guide.

Can Lawnie be used on a garden that has slopes

Lawnie can cope with quite steep slopes (up to 30 degrees). Beware that if the grass is very long or boggy Lawnie can get stuck going up a steep hill.

Can Lawnie be used in a garden that has trees

If your garden has trees then it’s not a problem. If the trees do not have any protruding roots then you can just let the mower bump into them as they would do any other obstacle.
If the roots are protruding then it could cause the robot to ‘ground out’ i.e. lift the wheels off the ground. This can be solved quite easily by either creating islands with the perimeter wire so the mower keeps away from the tree or by putting a raised barrier around the tree so it bumps off it.

What does Lawnie do with the grass?

As Lawnie cuts little and often, you don’t need to collect the clippings. They are returned to the soil including the nutrients that they contain. You’ll need around 25% less fertilizer by recycling the lawn clippings.

How do you make sure that Lawnie does not mow the flowers?

Lawnie can only mow inside a virtual boundary created by a wire which is laid around the outside of the lawn. An electrical pulse is sent down the wire and when Lawnie reaches it, it turns around as if it were an obstacle.

How does Lawnie handle the edges

Lawnie cannot cut the edges. Unfortunately a robot whipper snipper/strimmer has not yet been invented. You will still need to mow the edges from time to time.